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bookcoverSet in a modern city, Intruders follows the journey of Wendy, Bryan, Gordon, Leo and Clare.


What started as a leisure hiking turned out into a stuff of nightmare when the young people intruded into the world of giants. It was supposed to be a return to normal life when they finally got out of the cave after a series of adventures. However the giants intruded into the world of human beings. Then, it was supposed to be a glorious fight against intruders, until the young people discovered a striking fact. How will they deal with these?


“Human beings are just one of the many kinds of creatures living on the earth, not the master of it,” Lyu says. “We have done a lot to satisfy our needs while doing harm to other creatures so we must be grateful and respectful to other creatures and should help other species as long as we can.”


With its interesting plot filled with riveting twists and turns, Intruders can arouse people’s awareness about environmental protection and animal abuse while also providing them with a gripping entertainment.
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